Primo brano per la cantautrice Chiara Palaia, dal titolo “It’s Gold”, scritto con la collaborazione del chitarrista Sunil Rocca, che ne ha composto la musica e curato l’arrangiamento.

Il singolo rappresenta un invito a vivere ogni attimo come se fosse l’ultimo, a cogliere al volo le occasioni e a vivere il presente senza rimandare nulla a domani.

I am knocking around slowly in your heart on
Now i’m rocking around
There i saw and i found an hope a light on
to get off the ground
There’s a power that moves the world
There’s a sunshine behind that door
This is only the shine of your eyes in my soul

I am knowing the true essence of pain now
I wish it had never been born
There is a wound inside that will not subside
by now
My mind stops on that day that I know
Every hint of a smile swept away in a second
Now I’m looking for a place to stay
in this world

But the road is hard now that i’m alone
Even going slowly you struggle a lot
But that thought doesn’t go away anymore

Now i’m trying to find a way to be strong
Which is what matters
They will never be able to fill the void
you left inside
Will you help me overcome fears?
Will you help me find the good around me?
I have to find a reason before it’s over…

But it’s too late for too many things now
You never know if it’s right or wrong
I need to find a safe haven in this world

Your voice and your eyes are fixed in my mind
They are my direction
Now the star to be reached
is clearer in the sky
I see the point I’m taking it in hand now

And now it’s time to go as you are
And the time to love must go on
Now don’t let go of your time
Hold it tight
It’s gold

Music & Arrangement : Sunil Rocca
Lyrics : Chiara Palaia
Videomaking : Cristian Palaia
Mixing & Mastering : Dissonanze Studios



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